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Ningbo Zhirui Trading Co., Ltd
Ningbo Zhirui Trading Co., Ltd
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Ningbo Zhirui Trading Co., Ltd Company Profile

Ningbo Zhirui Trading Co., Ltd

Ningbo Zhirui Trading Co., Ltd
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Western Europe , Eastern Europe , Eastern Asia , Southeast Asia
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70% - 80%
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China Ningbo Zhirui Trading Co., Ltd Company Profile
Ningbo Zhirui Trading Co., Ltd

  Rooted in Japanese technology, the MINATO ORIMONOTM brand deeply integrates the expertise of Japanese specialists with the manufacturing advantages of China. We are committed to providing high-performance, high-precision mesh fabric products and solutions for various fields. Founded in 1996, the company, as an international perspective and professional fabric product manufacturer, is located in Shanghai, China, equipped with the most advanced Swiss looms and finishing equipment. Twenty-seven years of experience have given us unique insights into fabric weaving. We hold multiple core technologies in the fields of membrane fabrics, high-modulus printing meshes, and durable filter fabric.


  Since 2023, we have been incorporating Japan's cutting-edge industry technology, continuously refining our expertise in the high-precision printing field to offer our clients superior quality products. Moreover, we have expanded our product line to high-end chemical filtration and hydrogen production, which is heralding a new future.


  From textile bolting cloth and electronics industry printing field to the hydrogen energy process, we weave excellence, achieving your future.

We have a very professional sales team which can offer you the best service and answer you very professional questions, so you can feel very comfortable before you buy products from us. As is known to all of us, after-sale service is the most important to all industries. Our company has been trying our best to build a very professional and high-caliber after-sale service team which can solve all problems efficiently in the future.

We are increasing thescale of trade and customers through out the world. With our good reputation we have won the trust of our customers. It’s helps the modernisation of our country and promote the economic and technical exchanges with the rest of the world. We also look forward to enhance the friendship with other countries and make positive impact.

We warmly hope that you and us together, hand in hand, create a glorious future.

We have professional technician team all in this area, welcome customers from all over the world visit our website, and inform us if you have any needs, we are looking forward to give you good services!